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Regardless of your business size, CBIT offers comprehensive outsourcing services that give you access to technical expertise without forcing you to hire, train and maintain a full in-house IT staff. Your service structure is tailored specifically to you. We offer responsive and proactive maintenance contracts that can scale to your business, and take your network systems to higher levels of efficiency and resiliency.

The Complete IT Department

Some clients do not have an internal IT staff, and others simply lack sufficient personnel to tackle certain projects. CBIT becomes the client's technical team for all aspects of IT. Client involvement is focused on defining requirements, testing and acceptance of the system, while CBIT provides the necessary project management and technical skills.

A Joint Team Approach

In some engagements, CBIT and the client work together to bring their respective expertise to the table, sharing functional and technical knowledge among team members. Our consultants can also provide training to give the client skills and confidence to maintain the system once CBIT's involvement ends. This allows the client to develop in-house knowledge and helps relieve the "fear of abandonment" often felt by companies as a project nears completion and a consulting group's departure becomes imminent.

Technical Mentoring

While CBIT holds the key role in most consulting projects, it is also involved in cases in which the majority of system and application development is performed by the client's staff or third parties. CBIT participates as needed and contribute their in-depth analytical, technical and/or managerial knowledge to the project - by reviewing project plans and schedules, optimising models, maintaining best practice & standards, and recommending methodologies. Through this form of engagement, clients minimise the pitfalls and common mistakes that often accompany a migration to new technologies and systems architectures.

Business Services

Our extensive experience and range of expertise and resources allows us cater to your every business technology need, and even provide solutions not readily available from traditional providers.

  • Technical Mentoring & Staff Augmentation
  • Product reviews and procurement services
  • Designing and establishing business grade networks
  • Maintenance of network infrastructure (SLAs)
  • Internet Connectivity, Hosting & Co-location solutions

Expertise beyond the traditional, including:

  • Advanced Data Recovery
  • Computer Forensic Examinations
  • Investigations, Litigation Support & Expert Testimony
  • Digital Forensic tools
  • Digital Forensic training
  • Nationally Recognised Training and Assessment of IT Qualifications