Business Communication

Professional office communication with anywhere, anytime access.

Enhance your business with the communication capabilities of Exchange, the collaboration capabilities of Sharepoint, and the professional messaging and unified presence of Lync.

Many businesses are starting to implemented telecommuting policies for their staff. Combined with the increasing number of remote workers, proper unified communications have become an imperative. When people are working from out of the office, it's essential that they have full functionality and access to their work. One unified communication solution is Microsoft Lync.

Now that it's being bundled with the other Office products in Microsoft Office 365, Lync is now on the minds of many organisations. There is a need for an elegant solution that combines voice, video, and instant messaging in a platform that is easy to use from a variety of devices. Here are three benefits of using Lync as a unified communication solution.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Now that most of the population carries a smartphone, users are expecting to be able to utilise their own devices in the workplace. Microsoft Lync apps for Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phone, iOS tablets/phones, and android tablets/phones allow for the constant communication from mobile devices which is crucial for telecommuting workers.

HD video conferencing

While most companies will have a video conferencing solution for their meeting rooms, Lync extends that option to the individual users with webcams on their laptops or tablets. Microsoft's purchase of Skype allowed them to integrate Lync with Skype which will provide an interface that will be familiar to users.

Improved Conference Calls

Lync's integration with Exchange allows users to create meetings in an Outlook calendar within seconds. After you create the meeting, it sets up a virtual conference line, the appointment is blocked out in your calendar, and the invites have been sent to the other users. When the meeting is about to begin, users just click the join button and are ready to go. Once they joined, they can use webcams, share PowerPoint presentations, share their desktop, and a variety of other features. If you're on the road while you need to join a meeting, use the smartphone app to directly link to a meeting.